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Mike Colangelo
Toronto Blue Jays
Oakland Athletics
San Diego Padres
Anaheim Angels

Matt Miller

Cleveland Indians
Colorado Rockies


Juan Piniella
Texas Rangers
Chicago White Sox
Colorado Rockies

Jason Godin
Kansas City Royals

Jack Ferrick
U.S. Naval Academy

Justin Bour
Chicago Cubs

Jason Bour
Cincinnati Reds
Chicago White Sox

Will Rhymes
Detroit Tigers

Jordan Flasher
Boston Red Sox

Scott Krieger
Milwaukee Brewers

Josh Steinberg
George Mason Patriots

Victor Puentes
UNC Charlotte

Mike Dunlow
Norfolk State University

Chris Behrens
Indiana University


Brent Weiss
George Mason Patriots

Phillip Betterly
Methodist College

Eddie Rubbo
Bucknell University

Robby Jacobson
Washington Nationals


What We Teach

Our camps teach the fundamentals of the game. We promote hard work ethics and teach the following:

Keep it Simple * Teach players so they can learn and retain the information * Present clear defined objectives

Understand "Why" * Explain the process through application, verbal communication, and demonstration * Use age-appropriate terminology

Understand "Player" * Different styles of hitting make us unique. * Understand player's strengths and style * Your style as a hitter will not be changed, unless the absolutes are not being executed